Student Carpool Program

Carpooling is a great way to get to and from campus. Mason encourages students to use alternative transportation such as carpooling to help the university curb its carbon emissions and decrease traffic on campus. Students who carpool also receive some great benefits like two free parking passes per month and a partial rebate of 20-40% off a reserved deck, Lot I or Lot J parking permit.





All students living off-campus are eligible for the Student Carpool Program. A carpool consists of two or more individuals traveling together at least three days a week. (On-campus residents are not eligible.)


Find a Carpool

To find a carpool, register at Zimride is Mason's private network for ridesharing that helps students find others who are traveling the same way they are. Use your Mason email address and password to sign up.


How to Apply

Print and fill out the APPLICATION, have each member in the carpool sign the form, and drop off the form along with a copy of everyone's Mason ID and any permits that have already been bought at the Transportation Office (located in Nottoway Annex). Carpools need to reapply each semester to be in the Student Carpool Program.

The Transportation Office will process your application and you will receive an email or a phone call within three days to pick up your carpool permit.


How It Works

ONLY carpools with deck, Lot I and Lot J permits are eligible for the following parking permit rebates:

 - 20% off the permit price per semester for a two person carpool

- 30% off the permit price per semester for a three person carpool

- 40% off per semester for a four person carpool.

- ONLY ONE PERSON IN THE CARPOOL GROUP CAN OWN A PERMIT (all other carpoolers need to turn in their permits to the Transportation Office and will receive a refund minus a $15 administrative fee)

*General parking permits are NOT eligible for rebates



Students who carpool are also eligible for:

- 2 FREE Daily Parking passes per month (non-permit holders only, permit holders are not eligible).

- Option of buying an additional 5 daily passes per semester at half price ($4 each for general lots, $7 each for parking decks).



If you have a carpool deck or reserved Lot I or J permit (and you get the rebate), you must follow the normal rules for that permit which only allows parking in general lots after 5pm. The primary permit holder will receive a $35 restricted violation if he/she does not park in the appropriate area. Video monitoring will be enforced over the course of the academic year to ensure that all carpools are compliant with the policy.


The 2 free daily parking passes, the additional 5 daily passes, can be obtained in the Transportation Office, located in Nottoway Annex (Lot C).






If Your Carpool Changes

If a member of the carpool chooses to leave the carpool, the primary permit holder needs to promptly notify the Transportation Office. If only one member remains in the group, the Transportation Office must be notified and all alternative transportation programs will be cancelled.


Contact Us

Email the Transportation Office at or call 703.993.2828.