November 18, 2013

Mason Pond Drive and Mattaponi River Lane Pedestrian Improvements: November 18-December 20

Starting Monday, November 18 and continuing through December 20, 2013, a series of pedestrian improvements are being made along Patriot Circle at the intersections with Mason Pond Drive (near Mason Hall) and at Mattaponi River Lane(near Innovation Hall and the Patriot Center). As a result, there will be several impacts to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Vehicles For those entering campus at Roanoke River Road from Braddock Road, you will not be able to turn right and head east on Patriot Circle from 7am-6pm. Thus, for those headed towards Mason Pond Drive, the Aquatics Center, and the east side of campus, you will need to either enter campus at Nottoway River Lane off Braddock Road or head west off Roanoke River Road and go clockwise around Patriot Circle. Vehicles will also not be allowed to turn left from Patriot Circle at the intersection with Roanoke River Road to stay on Patriot Circle. Traffic will not be able to turn up Mattaponi River Lane from Patriot Circle towards Lot A and the Patriot Center between 7am-6pm daily.

Pedestrians Pedestrian traffic will be blocked at various points along Patriot Circle and on Mason Pond Drive and on Mattaponi River Lane at times. Please pay attention to posted signs and do not cross construction areas. Taking the pathway by the Art & Design building up towards the Johnson Center or the path from Lots J and K by Mason Pond and Cross Cottage towards the Concert Hall is recommended to get towards the center of campus. An accessible path of travel to the Patriot Center and to the Johnson Center will be maintained via the raised crosswalk near the Arts and Design Building. People with disabilities can call the Equity Office at 703-993-8730, with questions and if they need assistance.

Shuttles The Mason Shuttles stop at Mason Pond Drive and Patriot Circle will be closed during construction. Updates will be posted at