JANUARY 2016 ANNOUNCEMENT: Commuter Choice Transit Benefit Increased to $255 per Month

 Parking and Transportation would like to share important news with you concerning Commonwealth Commuter Choice benefits that will go into effect immediately. Currently, an Executive Order gives full-time state employees in Northern Virginia up to $130 per month to commute by public transit or vanpool. This is a tax-free benefit paid by the state.
Last month, Congress acted to permanently expand the federal pre-tax Commuter Choice transit benefit from $130 per month to $255 per month. Starting on February 1, 2016, full-time eligible employees will be able to receive up to $255 per month for public transportation and vanpooling. 
Submit your "Commonwealth Commuter Choice Request for Monthly Benefit" by January 11 to receive the benefit for February. If you have already submitted your monthly benefit request form for February but would like more than $130, please submit a NEW copy of the form by January 11.

If you would like to enroll in the program, please visit http://transportation.gmu.edu/commuterchoice.html
to find out more