Additional Permit Options for Freshmen Residents

After reviewing parking capacity, Parking Services is easing the freshmen resident parking restrictions. Freshmen residents now have the opportunity to purchase a Lot R permit or General permit. If a Freshmen resident has already purchased a permit and would like to switch to Lot R or General, please call the Parking Services office (located at the Sandy Creek Transit Center) at (703) 993-2710 to schedule an appointment. If a permit has been not purchased yet, Freshmen residents will be able to see the options available on their parking accounts.

Below are the permit rates. Exchange rates will vary depending on the current permit.

Lot R Fall - $285.00

General Lot Fall - $235.00

This offer is currently only available for the Fall semester. Any decisions about Spring semester availability will not be made until Parking Services has evaluated capacity after the start of the Spring semester.

If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Parking Services at or (703) 993-2710"