Bike Commuter Choice Update

The recent federal tax law passed by Congress on December 20 and signed by the President on December 22 has ended the tax-free Bicycle Commuter Choice benefit. From 1/1/18 to 1/1/26, any
benefit paid in the Bike Commuter program is now taxable. This includes the December 2017 benefit ($20 voucher) as it would have been paid in January 2018.

We are putting our heads together to see if there is anything we can do to keep the program and meet the new tax requirements. As we work through the issues, we wanted to alert you to the new tax landscape and ask for your patience. However, until further notice, the $20 voucher will no longer be available. The remainder of the program – complimentary parking passes and shower access (e.g. RAC, Aquatic Center, Merten Hall) – will remain in place.

The Commonwealth Commuter Choice Program for full-time employees who use public transportation or van pool to get to work remains tax-free for employees.