Bike Commuter Choice FAQs

Bike Commute Choice Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who is eligible to participate in the Bike Commuter Choice (BCC) Program?

All part- or full-time faculty and staff are eligible to participate.

2. Can I use Capital Bikeshare to ride a bike to work at Mason?

Yes. Your bike rides using Capital Bikeshare will count toward your BCC rides.  The cost of the membership is not covered in the program however.

3. Can I use a scooter to get to work?

You can definitely use a scooter to get to work but scooters are not included in the BCC Program.

4. Does a bike with an electric assist count as a bike?

Yes, rides using an electric assist bicycle do count in the BCC Program.

5. Can I participate in the Bike Commuter Choice Program and the Commuter Choice Program?

Yes, you can participate in both programs.  They are two separate programs however and must remain separate because Bike Commuter Choice is taxable and Commuter Choice is tax-free.

6. How does the BCC work in terms of receiving the financial incentives?

The Bike Commuter Choice Program is completely taxable.  All the funds you receive for participating, along with the value of any complimentary parking passes you receive as part of the program (currently valued at $8 each) are taxable.  The amounts are submitted to HR and Payroll each quarter and are then added to your paycheck.

7. What if I ride my bike one way to work but not the other? How do I account for that?

If you record a day on your BCC as having ridden to work, it means you completed two legs of your journey – to and from work.  If you only completed one, that’s ok, but you have to complete another to or from leg of your journey to record the day.  Practically speaking, this means that each time you complete a box with a date on the form, you are certifying that you have ridden two legs of the journey.  If the two legs of the journey are completed on two different dates, use the date of the second leg.

8. What if I ride my bike to a metro or bus stop and then ride to work?

 Using a multi-modal route to work is terrific.  But, you can’t receive support from two different programs for the same commute.  You will have to decide whether to report the trip through the Commuter Choice program and receive funds to cover the cost of the public transportation portion of your trip (bearing in mind the IRS limit of $270/month) or report your trip as a Bike Commuter Choice trip.

9. What if I leave Mason while I'm in the program?

You must be actively employed at Mason at the time of the quarterly pay out to receive it.

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