Lost and Found Procedures

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Should you lose something in a Mason Parking Lot/Decks or on the Mason Shuttles, Parking and Transportation follows these guidelines:

  1. Mason Shuttle drivers check their buses at the end of their shift. Anything that is found on the Shuttles is turned into the Reston Limousine supervisor who then will bring it to the Parking Services Office at Sandy Creek (Building #43 on the campus map), 703‐993‐2710.
  2. Anything found in the parking lots/decks can be turned in to the respective Parking Services Office:
    • Arlington, 219 Founders Hall, 703‐993‐6016
    • Fairfax, Parking Services Office at Sandy Creek, 703‐993‐2710
    • SciTech, 112 Colgan Hall, 703‐993‐4808
  3. All items turned in will be recorded in a Lost and Found log. The receiving person will note the date and time, a description of the item, any pertinent details (e.g. where the item was found), and record their name as the recipient of the lost item(s). The person turning in the item(s) will also legibly record their name.
  4. Disposition of the unclaimed items depends on a few factors:
    • If the item is identifiable, Parking Services will contact the individual directly based upon information available in PeopleFinder to have them pick up the item in Parking Services.
    • If arrangements cannot be made to pick up keys, credit cards, wallets, phones, and computers in Parking Services, the item will be turned into the Mason Police each Friday. Delivery will be noted in the log. Please use the non‐emergency number if contacting the Police.
      • Arlington, 703‐993‐8207
      • Fairfax, Police Building, 703‐993‐2810
      • SciTech, 703‐993‐8370
    • If arrangements cannot be made to pick up a Mason ID in Parking Services, it will be turned into the Mason Card Office.
      • Arlington, 220 Founders Hall, 703‐993‐9153
      • Fairfax, 1203 SUB I, 703‐993‐1004
      • Loudoun, 21335 Signal Hill Plz, Ste 130, 703‐993‐4350
      • SciTech, 202 Colgan Hall, 703‐993‐9779
    • Clothing and other items are kept in the Parking Services Offices and are donated on a monthly basis
  5. Some items will not be accepted into Lost and Found and will be disposed of immediately.
    • Food and liquid items
    • Illegal, dangerous or potentially hazardous materials (including but not limited to illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, medication, etc.)
    • Loose papers
    • Plastic or reusable water bottles if not in good condition