Administrative and Reserved Spaces

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Administrative Spaces

Administrative spaces are reserved for vehicles displaying valid administrative permits. The use of Administrative spaces is limited to a maximum of four hours. Administrative spaces are intended for short-term occasional use, by those whose job requires them to move their personal vehicle around or between campuses and off-campus locations.

Surface Reserved Spaces

There are several different types of surface reserved spaces, each with slightly different regulations. Violators of reserved parking spaces are subject to citation, fine, and/or towing, at owner’s risk and expense.

Faculty/Staff Reserved Spaces

There are several individually numbered reserved spaces located throughout the Fairfax Campus that are designated as faculty/staff reserved spaces. These spaces are reserved at all times for the holder of the permit designated for that individual space.

Resident Student Reserved Spaces

There are several spaces located in selected lots on the GMU Campus that are reserved for resident students who have purchased a reserved space permit. These spaces are reserved at all times for holders of permits designated for reserved spaces in that area.

Parking Deck Reserved Spaces

The Parking Decks on the Fairfax Campus have spaces designated for deck reserved permit holders. These spaces are identified by signs located in each area or space and are reserved for the times indicated on the signs. Authorization for the use of one parking deck is valid for that parking deck only.