Commuter Choice for May

This posting was sent out via email to all Commuter Choice recipients (minus vanpools) on April 1, 2020.

Dear Commuter Choice Participant,

Due to COVID-19, most faculty and staff are teleworking.  As such, we plan to remove everyone from Commuter Choice for the month of May UNLESS YOU OPT IN BY responding to this email no later than THURSDAY, APRIL 9 (the date when your May form is due).  This means that any forms previously submitted for May 2020 will not be fulfilled unless you opt in by responding to this email.

If you will still be coming to work on campus during the month of May, please let us know by emailing  and include:

  • Your name and G#
  • Your work schedule on campus
  • The number of times you will need to come to campus in May
  • The amount you will need for your eligible May commute

We can then ensure that you receive what you need for your Commuter Choice benefits for May (up to the eligible maximum as usual).

If you are teleworking, no action is required. 

Please note:  There may be further reductions (or stopping) of Mason Shuttles as ridership is extremely low.  Please keep this in mind when determining your May commute.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at  Please do not call as our office is all teleworking.

Thanks so much,

Your Colleagues in Parking and Transportation