Vehicle Deactivation

Please Note: By completing the form above, vehicles you no longer use, own, or possess will be removed from your Parking Portal.

Permit Exchange/Deactivation

Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction Form

Parking Validation Forms

Please Note:

  • With the installation of new pay stations in Shenandoah Deck, paper visitor validations for Shenandoah Deck will need to be exchanged for new validation codes. These validation codes work like the ones used in Rappahannock Deck, but one must specify which garage they want the validation code for.
  • Customers/Departments may choose to validate codes based on time duration, expiration date, or amount of transactions they may be using. Please note that visitor parking is now allowed on Levels 1, 4, and 5 in Shenandoah Deck.
  • State/University funds cannot be used to purchase validations for current students or employees, including temporary employees, except adjunct faculty.
  • New visitor rates for all garages took effect on August 1. There is no extra cost for replacing your current Shenandoah Deck validations with the new QR code. Please email and let us know how many validations you have and for which deck, and we’ll work with you to have them replaced.

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