Carpool Zone Program

The Carpool Zone program allows you to informally carpool to Mason.  No forms to complete.  Just arrive at the Fairfax campus between 7 and 11 am, Monday through Friday with a general lot permit, 2 or more people in your car and park in the designated areas within Lot A or Rappahannock Deck.  Details below.

How it Works

  • Non-resident students, faculty, and staff are eligible for Carpool Zone
  • Arrive at the Fairfax campus between 7am and 11am Monday-Friday
  • Have at least two people in your vehicle
  • Display your general lot parking permit on your rear view mirror
  • Park in the designated section of Lot A or Rappahannock Deck (see maps below)

An attendant will be present between 7am-11am to ensure that only those who carpool are allowed to park there. Those driving alone will not be able to park in the Carpool Zones during these hours.

After 11:00am Monday-Friday, any open spaces revert back to general permit use.


Off of Mattaponi River Lane above the circle

First floor to left of the Patriot Circle entrance next to the ramp