Carpool Zone Program

The Carpool Zone program allows you to informally carpool to Mason.  No forms to complete.  Just arrive at the Fairfax campus between 7 and 11 am, Monday through Friday with a general lot permit and 2 or more people in your car.  Due to the impact of COVID-19, the 3-person (or more) carpool with West Campus or Lot M/P permits has been removed from eligibility for the carpool zone until further notice.

You can then park in the designated areas within Lot A or Rappahannock Deck.

Details below.

How it Works

  • Non-resident students, faculty, and staff are eligible for Carpool Zone
  • Arrive at the Fairfax campus between 7am and 11am Monday-Friday
  • With a general permit: Have two people in your vehicle when you arrive
  • Display your parking lot parking permit on your rear view mirror
  • Park in the designated section of Lot A or Rappahannock Deck (see maps below)

After 11:00am Monday-Friday, any open spaces revert back to general permit use.


Off of Mattaponi River Lane above the circle










First floor to left of the Patriot Circle entrance next to the ramp