Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Parking

The program allows fuel efficient vehicles to park in special designated spaces on Mason campuses. The program continues to develop and we are happy to have this program available for Arlington students.

  • To see if your vehicle qualifies as a fuel efficient vehicle, please review the List of LEED vehicles. Your vehicle must be on the list and have a score of +45 or higher.
  • If you drive a secondary vehicle that is not on the list you may not use your supplementary permit with it and park in the fuel efficient space that day.
  • If your vehicle does qualify, please bring your vehicle registration to parking services and you will be issued a supplementary permit that will allow you to park in any of the spaces listed below.
  • In order to park in a lot or deck you must have the proper primary permit for that location(i.e. a surface lot permit holder may not park in the deck).
  • Please note that parking in the fuel efficient spaces is based on a first come first serve basis and there is no guarantee of a preferred space.
  • We encourage everyone who drives a fuel efficient vehicle that qualifies to participate in this program and help support Mason’s green initiatives and sustainability programs.

Locations of the Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Parking

Fairfax Campus (Program for Faculty/Staff Only):

Cabrera Global Center Garage - 2 spaces
Mason Pond Drive - 18 spaces
Lot A - 8 spaces
Mason Pond Garage (3rd level) - 6 spaces
Rappahannock River Garage (southeast corner on Level 1) - 14 spaces
Shenandoah Parking Garage (3rd level) - 9 spaces

Science and Technology Campus (Program for Faculty/Staff Only):

Occoquan Lot - 4 spaces
King Lot - 2 spaces
Discovery Lot - 2 spaces
Hylton Lot - 2 spaces
Beacon Hall Resident Lot - 6 spaces

Arlington Campus (Program for Faculty/Staff and Students):

Vernon Smith Parking Deck (P1 level) - 10 (available for faculty/staff and students participating in the program)
Van Metre Hall Garage - 20 (available for faculty/staff and students participating in the program)