Employee Carpool Program

Carpooling is a great way to get to and from campus. Mason encourages employees to explore multiple ways to get to campus such as carpooling to help the university curb its carbon emissions and decrease traffic on campus.


All faculty and staff are eligible to participate in the carpool programs (except Masonvale residents).  A carpool consists of two or more people traveling together for at least ½ their commute, 50% of the days they commute; some conditions apply. Please see individual carpool programs for details.

Find A Carpool

Zimride, Mason's rideshare program, indefinitely suspended its carpooling platform for all College and University Networks, including Mason, on December 31, 2020. Parking and Transportation is researching other rideshare opportunities for the future.

Employees may use the regional rideshare program at Commuter Connections.

Employee Carpool Programs

Please see individual carpool options for details.

  • Carpool ZONE: Faculty and staff with general permit passes can park in designated areas of Lot A and Rappahannock Deck Monday – Friday between 7 and 11am as long as they have 2 people in their car with a general lot permit or 3 people in their car with a West Campus or Lot M/P permit.
  • Carpool PREFERRED: Faculty and staff can park in designated parking spaces that are conveniently located in lots and decks.
  • Carpool PREMIUM:  Faculty and staff with a parking deck or reserved Lot I or reserved Lot J permit can receive between a 20%-40% rebate on the parking permit for carpooling based upon how many people are in the carpool.
    • 20% - 2 people in the carpool
    • 30% - 3 people in the carpool
    • 40% - 4 people in the carpool.

Carpool Program Comparison

Program Application When Carpool Spaces Rebate
Carpool ZONE No M-F
Designated spaces in Lot A or first level of Rappahannock River Deck No
Anytime Designated throughout campus No
Carpool PREMIUM Yes
(each semester)
Anytime Lot I/Lot J reserved spaces, or  Parking Deck carpool spaces

(Can use other general lot car pool spaces if premium but must be a Lot I, Lot J, or Deck permit holder to be eligible for the rebate)