As we move forward through COVID-19

COVID-19 is a temporary situation and we will get through it ... Together!

For COVID-19 changes within Parking and Transportation, please link to the topic of interest below.

Parking and Shuttles


Please note:

  1. Due to the impact of COVID-19, there are no annual parking permits available during the academic year 2020-2021.
  2. No West Campus permits will be sold for Fall 2020; no West Campus shuttle running.

Mason Shuttles

New: dividers between seats to assist with social distancing.








  • The following routes will not be running during Fall 2020 to allow us to reallocate resources to respond to COVID-19:
    • Arlington Pilot Shuttle
    • Global to Metro
    • Gunston George
    • West Campus Shuttle (no West Campus permits are being sold for fall)
  • Burke VRE, Fairfax/SciTech, Gunston Mason, and Sandy Creek to Metro are all running. Please check schedules at as there have been changes.
    • Please note:
      • All passengers and drivers on Mason Shuttles will wear a face covering or have a University exemption. No exceptions.
      • Seating has been reduced to 50 percent. This means a shuttle that would normally hold 32 people will now be full at 15-16 people (depending on configuration).  This is for your safety.
      • Allow significant extra time to get to your destination.
      • Keep a minimum of 6’ between passengers when waiting for shuttles.
      • Wear clothing for the weather, carry an umbrella.
    • For full schedules and more information, please visit

Additional Modes of Travel

Vehicles – Owned or Shared  – Bikes, Cars, Scooters, Skateboards (or anything else)

  • Be prepared to sanitize your vehicle whether you own it or share it
    • Anything left sitting out can become contaminated
    • Wipe down door handles, steering wheel, handlebars, seats, lock – anything you touch
  • Take your trash with you or dispose of properly; please do not litter.


  • Be mindful of social distancing at bike racks when parking/retrieving your bike.


Motor Pool

Patriot Lift

  • MASKS or face covering required for duration of the ride.  Mask or face covering should cover mouth and nose.
    • Mask/face covering requirement does not apply to persons with health/medical conditions that prohibit wearing a mask/face covering. Exception must be approved from the offices listed above and noted in the “Special Instructions/Needs”.
  • Passengers are required to wear a seat belt and sit in the back of the golf cart per COVID-19 physical distancing requirements.
  • Multiple passengers must sit one per row on alternative sides of the golf cart.
  • Patriot Lift for visitors to Mason has been suspended until further notice

Scooters (Pilot)

  • Be mindful of social distancing when parking/retrieving a scooter.
  • Follow CDC and scooter vendor guidance on their use.
  • For more information on the scooter pilot underway through 12/31/2020, please visit Shared Mobility


  • You will know (or get to know) who you are riding with; hold each other accountable for safe practices and cleaning the vehicle

Community Resources



Community Connections (Employees)