Mason Pond Deck Visitor Section Only Accepting ParkMobile for Payment Through July

Updated 7/8/2022 – Through the month of July, the Mason Pond Deck will be undergoing a parking equipment replacement upgrade. For those using visitor validations, the new equipment once active by the end of June or early July will only be compatible with new printed validation barcodes which will be available at the Parking Services Office once a validation request has been completed. We will provide more information on how to swap the old validations you have purchased for the new barcode validations.


While the technology upgrades are being implemented this month, the visitor gates in Mason Pond Deck will be raised. The ONLY way in which one can pay for visitor parking is by utilizing the ParkMobile app. No validations can be used at Mason Pond Deck until the new equipment is functional. Once the new equipment is operational, visitors can use validations which your department have purchased or obtained by swapping out the old ones, or Visa and Mastercard at the pay stations and exit gates as before.


Meanwhile, your guests are welcome to park at the Shenandoah visitor section and use your existing  white chaser ticket validations if you are intending to pay for their parking fees. Any white chaser ticket validations can be brought in to our office for replacement once printed barcodes to be used at Mason Pond are available. At some point in late summer, the Shenandoah visitor equipment and gates will be removed and there will be new parking pay stations which function like the ones in Rappahannock Deck, utilizing a validation code instead of the white chaser tickets. We will be in touch once we have more information about that process.


If you are a participant in our EV Charging Station program, you are welcome to park and charge your vehicle at the Mason Pond Charging Stations with your white chaser ticket ready to turn in to us upon exit. We apologize for the inconvenience.