New Equipment in Most Mason Parking Decks

Updated 8/5/2022  – If you are a current deck permit holder or plan to purchase one for the fall 2022 semester you may know that there are new equipment upgrades underway in the Mason Pond (FFX), Rappahannock (FFX), and Van Metre (Mason Square (ARL)) parking decks. 

Permits/Access Cards

The new technology at each deck will utilize QR codes that can be printed or saved on one’s mobile phone to enter and exit the decks for permit holders. New access cards for permit holders will be issued in September. Those with existing access cards and valid permits for Rappahannock Deck and Van Metre garage may continue to use their current cards until the new cards arrive, in addition to the new QR codes. For those with Mason Pond Deck permits, they will only have the QR codes to use for access until the new access cards arrive. For departments with access cards for Van Metre Garage and Rappahannock Deck, they will be able to use their existing card. However, we will not be able to provide access to Mason Pond Deck for departments until the new access cards are received.

Visitor Validations

For departments and individuals with visitor validations for Van Metre Garage and Mason Pond Deck, the validations will need to be exchanged for new ones that utilize QR codes. You may use existing Mason Pond Deck validations in Shenandoah Deck for a short while more, but please note that Shenandoah Deck will have new pay stations in September or October, similar to the ones in Rappahannock Deck that use validation codes instead of tickets.  As well, new hourly visitor rates for all garages will take effect on August 8, 2022, with the all-day rate increasing to $18. Although the rate is increasing, you can replace your current validations with the new QR code validations at no cost by visiting the Parking Office.

During the transition, the gates for these decks have been up but they will be lowered on August 8 in Van Metre garage and on August 9 in Mason Pond when the new technology is activated.  We will be communicating via email directly with both permit holders and those who have purchased validations to keep you updated on the technology change and what it means for you.

If after receiving the email, you have questions, please contact us at