On-Demand Shuttle Service

Mason Shuttle On-Demand

Mason Shuttles offers an on-demand shuttle service.  This is a shared ride service with designated pick-up and drop-off locations on the Fairfax campus and at nearby locations off-campus. Does not serve the Arlington or SciTech campuses.

Current Schedule

Fall 2021 Shuttle On-Demand Service Hours Changing Effective Monday, September 27.

Last day of regular fall service is Friday, December 17. See Winter Break Service Changes for details.

To respond to the peaks of requested service for the Shuttle On-Demand, Mason Shuttles is recalibrating both the service hours for the On-Demand Shuttles and the stop times for West Campus and Vienna Metro.  The late night demand for the shuttle has been very limited so we are reducing service hours to increase the number of buses available in mid-afternoon and early evening to reflect the higher use of the On-Demand shuttle at this time.

New Hours starting on Monday, September 27, 2021

  • Monday-Friday, 7am-11:30pm
  • Saturday-Sunday, 8am-11:30pm
    • Notes:
      • Rides must be requested by 10:30pm for pick-ups between 10:30pm and 11:30pm.
      • The On-Demand shuttle serves the West Campus and Vienna Metro stops Monday-Friday from 7:30pm-11:30pm only and during all regular service hours on weekends.
      • Use the West Campus shuttle prior to 7:30pm Monday-Friday
    • Revised Fall 2021 Shuttle On-Demand brochure

How does it work?

  • Download the Transloc app
  • Click on View On Demand Services and choose Mason Shuttles on Demand
    • Create your account using your Mason email address
    • Enter a textable phone number; it’s how the app will contact you if needed.
    • Scroll down to see some screen shots of the app.
  • On the app, select from a range of pick-up and drop-off locations to request your ride.
  • The app will provide an estimated pick-up time and it will adjust the time if conditions change.
  • You must show your Mason ID when boarding.
  • Face coverings are required regardless of vaccination status unless you have a university authorized exception.

What else do I need to know?

  • Swipe left to request your ride depending upon day/time. Use:
    • Green for Weekdays
    • Brown for Weekends
    • Blue for Late Night
  • Mason Shuttle On-Demand is a shared ride service so you may be sharing the ride with others who are going to your stop or nearby stops.
  • The pick-up and drop-off stops available for the On-Demand Shuttle are in the Transloc app.  A list is also available here.  If there is a difference, the Transloc app takes precedence.
  • When you request the shuttle, you will be put into a queue to be picked up; the length of the wait for your pick-up is dependent on the demand for the shuttle at the time.
  • You may experience a delay in receiving a pick-up notification during high volume times as the TransLoc app algorithm assesses which vehicle can pick you up.
  • You must be at the stop when the shuttle arrives; they can’t wait for you.
  • When you see the On-Demand Shuttle, be sure to signal to the driver that you are being picked up.
  • The Shuttle On-Demand cannot be scheduled in advance.
  • There are multiple shuttles on the On-Demand route for most of the day. After 11pm, there is one bus on the route.
  • It is recommended that you not cancel the shuttle and then immediately rebook it; this just puts you further down the list for pick-up.
  • The addresses for the stops are determined by GPS and are not always accurate; please use the pin to see where the stop is located, not the address.
  • There may be a short delay in service during driver shift changes.
  • If you’re using the Mason Shuttles fixed routes (e.g. Fairfax/SciTech) you can track it on the Transloc app, searching for George Mason under the Routes section.

Screen Shots

Create your account using your Mason email.














Click on “Booking Available” at the bottom of the screen.














Select Pick-up address and choose from the selection of locations available.  Do the same for your drop-off location.  Note: Mason Shuttles On-Demand only serves the locations in the drop-down menu.
















Your estimated pick up time will show up at the bottom of your screen once your ride is scheduled.

TransLoc Screen Shot Estimated Pick-Up Time