The Rick Holt Active Transportation Advocate Award

Rick Holt Active Transportation Advocate Award

The Rick Holt Active Transportation Advocate Award recognizes a Mason faculty or staff member who is committed to utilizing, promoting, and advocating for the use of active transportation as part of their daily commute life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “active transportation is any self-propelled, human-powered mode of transportation, such as walking or bicycling.” Commuting by bike or by walking in whole, or in part, encourages health and well-being and contributes to the potential reduction of greenhouse gases if used in place of commuting by car alone or as part of a multi-modal strategy for commuting.

Rick Holt Active Transportation Advocate Award Recipients

Bethany Usher (2023, left) and Zach Schrag (2022, right)

Award Background

The Rick Holt Active Transportation Advocate Award is named for Rick Holt, “the Mason bike dude” who was a trainer in Human Resources and Payroll for 14 years, retiring in 2021. In addition to being an enthusiastic bike commuter, Rick was also a League of American Bicyclist, League Certified Instructor (LCI). Rick contributed his expertise on a regular basis, teaching classes, serving on committees, and encouraging the Mason community to try active commuting.

Award Criteria

The award recipient will receive $200 and be recognized at the annual spring Outstanding Achievement Awards celebration. To be eligible, a nominee must:

  • Be a Mason employee for at least one year.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the use of active transportation in their own commute to Mason as well as in their daily life choices.
  • Advocate, support, or encourage others to utilize active transportation modes.
  • Engage in a service role for Mason in promoting active transportation to the Mason community and beyond.


Deadline: Last Friday in February

  • Complete the award nomination form (PDF).
  • Please attach a brief citation of approximately 65-70 words describing the achievements of the nominee and how they meet the criteria.
  • In addition, please consider including several letters of support that describe how the nominee meets the criteria.
  • Send this completed form, attached citation copy, and letters of support to: Parking and Transportation, Mailstop 1J6 or by email to by last Friday in February.

Questions?  Please reach out to us at or call 703-993-2828.

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