Bicycle Registration

Bike Registration Process

Bicycle registration is a voluntary and free program.  Due to the impact of COVID-19, we have streamlined the registration process so that your visit to the Parking and Transportation office has limited personal contact.

How do I register my bicycle?

  • Gather the following information about your bicycle: make, model, serial number, color, bike size, type and any other identifiers (if you’re not sure where to find this info on your bike, contact our office).
  • Fill out the Bicycle Registration Form.
  • Upon the completion of your Bicycle Registration form, please come by the closest Parking and Transportation office to you during office hours (campus addresses below). We will have a registration sticker, complimentary U-lock, bike safety information, and other biking-related giveaways available for you to pick up.
    • Fairfax Campus - Nottoway Annex, Phone: 703-993-2828
      Arlington Campus - Founders Hall, Room 219, Phone: 703-993-8146
      Science and Technology Campus - Colgan Hall, Room 112, Phone: 703-993-4808
  • Once you pick up your bike kit, please place the bike registration sticker on the base of the seat tube facing the front wheel (see diagram). It’s important that all Mason bike registration stickers are located in the same place for consistency across the program and ease of finding your registration sticker if needed.

Students, Faculty and Staff Can Receive Free Parking Passes

Students, faculty, and staff who live off-campus and do not own a parking permit will also receive 2 daily complimentary parking permits per semester upon registering their bicycle. The 2 daily complimentary parking passes can be used for parking in general lots on campus.  Please request your parking passes when you are picking up your bike kit.

How Long are Registrations Valid?

For students, the registration is valid for 5 years. For faculty and staff, the registration is valid for duration of employment.

Why should I register my bicycle?

  • Bike registration helps to keep track of how many bicycles are on campus and it helps us provide you with more bike programs, racks, and infrastructure.
  • If your bike is registered with us, we can assist you if you need to have your bike lock removed for any reason (e.g. it rusted, you forgot the combination, etc.). If your bike is not registered with Mason, we cannot assist you.
  • You can be contacted if your bicycle needs to be moved or if we have a special announcement for cyclists on campus.
  • If a registered bike is stolen and recovered it can more easily be returned to its owner.
  • Having a registration sticker on your bicycle acts as a theft deterrent (the stickers are specially designed and are very difficult to remove).