Bicycle Registration

Bicycle Registration is a voluntary and free program. Students, faculty, and staff who register their bicycles will receive a brand new U-lock, a registration sticker, and safety information. Students who live off-campus and do not own a parking permit will also receive 2 daily complimentary parking permits per semester upon registering their bicycle. The 2 daily complimentary parking passes can be used for parking in general lots on campus. For students, the registration is valid for 5 years. For faculty and staff, the registration is valid for duration of employment.

Why should I register my bicycle?

  • Bike registration helps to keep track of how many bicycles are on campus and it helps us provide you with more bike programs, racks, and infrastructure.
  • You can be contacted if your bicycle needs to be moved or if we have a special announcement for cyclists on campus.
  • If a registered bike is stolen and recovered it can more easily be returned to its owner.
  • Having a registration sticker on your bicycle acts as a theft deterrent (the stickers are specially designed and are very difficult to remove).

How do I register my bicycle?

  • Gather the following information about your bicycle: make, model, serial number, color, bike size, type and any other identifiers (if you’re not sure where to find this info on your bike, contact our office).
  • Fill out the Bicycle Registration Form.
  • Bring your bicycle to the Transportation Office to receive a bike registration sticker, a bike lock, other giveaways, and 2 daily complimentary parking permits per semester (off-campus students only).

Where do I complete my registration?

  • After registering online, take your bicycle to any of the following locations during office hours to complete your bicycle registration:
    Fairfax Campus - Nottoway Annex, Phone: 703-993-2828
    Arlington Campus - Founders Hall, Room 219, Phone: 703-993-8146
    Science and Technology Campus - Colgan Hall, Room 112, Phone: 703-993-4808