Commuter Choice Program

The Commuter Choice Program is for full-time employees - faculty and classified staff.

COVID-19 Impacts

  • 8 trips per month minimum waived until further notice; when completing the Monthly Request Form, please note the number of trips you plan to make from the drop-down menu on the updated form below.

Commuter Choice Benefit Increase in 2022

Beginning January 2022, the maximum Commonwealth Commuter Choice benefit at Mason will increase by $10 to $280 per month. Currently, an Executive Order gives full-time state employees in Northern Virginia up to $270 per month to commute by public transit or vanpool. This is a tax-free benefit paid by the University. To take advantage of this increase beginning with the January benefit, be sure to submit your "Commuter Choice Monthly Benefit Request" by Friday, December 10. If you are new to the program, please also submit an Enrollment Form.  Links to the forms are below.

If you have already submitted your monthly benefit request form for January and need to adjust the amount, please submit a new request form for January.  Please remember that you should only request the amount you need for your qualified commute up to the IRS maximum.

Commuter Choice Guidance

Commuter Choice Forms

Full-time eligible employees will be able to receive up to $270 per month for public transportation or vanpooling. This is a tax-free fringe benefit paid for by Mason.

Thank you for using public transportation. We appreciate your commitment to using green modes of transportation and to reducing the impact on Mason's parking infrastructure.

Daily Complimentary Permits

All Commuter Choice participants that do not own a parking permit already are eligible to receive two daily parking passes per month.

The Daily Complimentary Permits (of which participants may request two per month) are only valid for the month indicated in the "Valid Month" box on the permit and the permits do not roll over. To get the maximum benefit from the Daily Complimentary Permits, we advise that you request the permits early in any given month in which you will be using them. Any vehicle with a permit used in a month other than the one indicated in the "Valid Month" box will receive a citation. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

To request the two Daily Complimentary Permits, please email with the subject line "Requesting Daily Complimentary Permits."

In order to participate in the Commonwealth Commuter Choice Program, you must first submit the application to the program. You must average 8 times per month using alternative methods (other than driving alone) to be eligible for both the Commuter Choice Program and to receive two complimentary daily general lot parking permits per month (if you do not own a permit) -- average of 8 times per month temporarily waived until further notice due to COVID-19.  If you have a parking permit, you will be issued two all-day garage validations per month instead.


If you have a parking permit: you also have the option of buying up to two (2) half-priced packs of 5 deck validations for $37.50 each.

If you do not have a parking permit: you also have the option of buying up to two (2) half-priced packs of 5 daily passes per semester for $22.50 each or two (2) half-priced pack of 5 deck validations for $37.50 each.  You may also choose one pack of each.

Commuter Choice: WMATA Self Service Feature

If you are in the Commuter Choice Program and lost or damaged your SmarTrip card, in the past you would reach out to Parking and Transportation.  Now, you can simply use the WMATA self-service tool from your SmarTrip Card Summary page. To access your summary page, log-in at  For details on how to use WMATA self-service to replace a lost or damaged SmarTrip card, please visit  Please review your options carefully before making a selection.

Parking and Transportation are reviewing additional WMATA self-service functions for future use by Mason's Commuter Choice community.

Questions?  Please contact or call us at 3-2828.

Updated 8/28/2021