Disabled Parking

A George Mason University parking permit must be prominently displayed at all times for all vehicles. DMV issued disabled permits authorize the use of disabled parking at George Mason University owned or operated facilities in conjunction with the display of a valid George Mason University parking permit. Persons may only park in an appropriate disabled space and lot based on permit type. A general lot or reserved lot/garage permit in conjunction with a DMV-issued disabled permit is required to park in disabled spaces on the East Campus.  Short-term daily, weekly, or monthly general or Lot L/K permits are also valid in disabled spaces in conjunction with a DMV-issued disabled permit on the East Campus.  West Campus, Lot M/P, and Field House permits are not valid in East Campus disabled spaces except when those permits are valid in general lots. See Permit Regulations for specific permit rules. Disabled permit rates are the same as all other George Mason University parking permits issued for comparable periods of time. Permits are not transferable to other persons. Visitors must adhere to the visitor disabled parking requirements listed below.

Visitor Disabled Parking

A DMV issued license plate, hangtag, or other permit is not a valid permit authorizing parking at George Mason University. A George Mason University parking permit is also required when parked at any disabled-designated space, on property owned or operated by George Mason University. Disabled visitors must purchase a temporary parking permit from Parking Services or pay the prevailing rates at visitor parking locations such as meters or the Parking Decks.

Disabled Parking Designation

All parking spaces reserved for the use of persons with disabilities are identified by above grade signs and/or markings painted on the ground within each space. Disabled parking is available to students, faculty, and staff whose vehicles display a valid DMV disabled permit, George Mason University permit, and valid disabled sticker provided by Mason Parking Services.

Disabled Parking Sticker

George Mason University requires that employees and students must also have a valid disabled sticker issued by Mason Parking Services when parking in disabled spaces on campus.  These stickers are issued at no cost and are required to ensure that disabled parking spaces are accessible to only those that are eligible.  To obtain one of these stickers please be prepared to provide Parking Services with the following:


1. A valid George Mason University Parking Permit
2. A valid DMV issued ADA placard
3. A valid DMV issued ADA registration card


If you wish to have the sticker mailed to you, please send the documentation via email to parking@gmu.edu.  If you wish to obtain the sticker in person, please bring the listed items to the Parking Services Office located next to the Shenandoah Parking Deck (building #43 on the campus map) or at the Parking Services offices at the SciTech or Arlington Campuses.

Surface Lots

Disabled parking is available in surface lot spaces marked with above grade disabled signs and/or markings painted on the ground within each space. Only those with lift-equipped vans may park in van lift designated spaces.

Parking Decks

Disabled parking is available in the Mason Pond, Shenandoah or Rappahannock River parking decks, with a valid George Mason University permit at no additional charge when used with a permit valued at the General permit rate or higher. Please contact Parking Services to make arrangements to park in permit levels in any one of the three parking decks. Those without a permit may use disabled designated spaces, but must pay prevailing rates.

Time-limited Free Parking Zones

Time limited spaces are available throughout various areas of the campus. These spaces allow you to park for free of charge for up to 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes as posted. After the posted time the vehicle must leave the parking space or be subject to ticketing.  Vehicles with valid ADA credentials can remain parked in the time driven zones for up to twice the posted time limit. A valid Mason parking permit is to be displayed whenever signage requires it.

Use Restrictions for Disabled Permits

Disabled permits may only be used for and/or by the persons to whom they were issued. Individuals are limited to one disabled permit. Disabled parking is not permitted where stopping, standing, or parking is prohibited to ALL vehicles, or which is reserved for special types of vehicles. Neither does it apply where parking would clearly present a traffic or safety hazard. Photocopied disabled permits are not valid.