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Parking and Traffic Alert: Housing Move-In, August 17-21



Several parking and traffic closures will occur on the Fairfax Campus from Aug. 17–21 to accommodate the move-in of  nearly 6000 residential students.

Traffic impacts will occur around campus, particularly near Braddock Road, Roanoke River Road, Lots J and K, and Rappahannock Deck. Continuing reading for more details.

A successful move-in process is a university priority. Key units across the university work together to make the experience as efficient as possible. Your patience and cooperation are appreciated. Refer to the Fairfax Campus map for parking lot and road locations.

Thank you for your cooperation as we welcome our resident students to campus for the new academic year—especially our freshmen and their families, who are now part of the Mason family.


Parking Closures and Impacts

  • Lots J and K will be used by students and families checking in for move-in at the Ángel Cabrera Global Center and for post move-in parking.
  • Rappahannock Deck: General permit area on Levels 1–3 (including faculty/staff general area on Level 3) will be closed to all but move-in traffic from Wednesday, Aug. 17, through Sunday, Aug. 21, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. Reserved permit holders may park on reserved Levels 3–5. General faculty/staff permit holders may park on the roof ONLY on Wednesday, Aug 17 through Sunday, Aug 21. Student General permits should use other General parking areas such as Lots A, C, L, and K.
    • The reserved levels will only be accessible via the University Drive entrance on Level 2. The Patriot Circle permit entrance and exit will be closed Aug. 17–21. The reserved level gates will be open to accommodate families and students moving into the residence halls.
  • Lot I: Closed to all but move-in traffic from Friday, Aug. 19, at 11 p.m. to Saturday, Aug. 20, at 6 p.m.
  • Lot R: Closed to all but move-in traffic from Tuesday, Aug. 16, at 11 p.m. until Saturday, Aug. 20, at 6 p.m.
  • Short-Term Lots: Washington Lot near Presidents Park (off Shenandoah River Lane) will be closed from Tuesday, Aug. 16, at 11 p.m. to Thursday, Aug. 18, at 6 p.m. The short-term parking lot by Eastern Shore will only be available to move-in traffic with disabled permits from Wednesday, Aug. 17, at 6 a.m. until Sunday, Aug. 21, at 5 p.m.
  • Merten Lot will be used for oversized vehicles for move-in that cannot fit inside Rappahannock Deck.

Traffic Closures and Impacts

  • As all resident students must check in at the Ángel Cabrera Global Center, expect heavy traffic on Braddock Road, Roanoke River Road, and on Patriot Circle around Lots J and K.
  • Expect heavy traffic approaching the housing move-in areas around Rappahannock Deck and Presidents Park.
  • Patriot Circle (in front of the Rappahannock River Parking Deck) will be closed to all traffic from Wednesday, Aug. 17, until Sunday, Aug. 21, at 6 p.m. Access to the visitor section of the deck will be available via Rappahannock River Lane and Patriot Circle.
  • University Drive: Expect heavy traffic between George Mason Blvd and Rappahannock Deck.
  • Chesapeake River Lane will be closed to all traffic except commercial deliveries and disabled parking from Wednesday, Aug. 17, at 6 a.m. until Sunday, Aug. 21, at 6 p.m.
  • Rivanna River Lane will be closed to all but service and delivery vehicles and disabled parking from Wednesday, Aug. 17, at 6 a.m. until Sunday, Aug. 21, at 6 p.m.

For questions about parking and traffic during housing move-in, contact Follow @MasonParking and @MasonHousing on Twitter for updates.


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New Equipment in Most Mason Parking Decks

Updated 8/5/2022  – If you are a current deck permit holder or plan to purchase one for the fall 2022 semester you may know that there are new equipment upgrades underway in the Mason Pond (FFX), Rappahannock (FFX), and Van Metre (Mason Square (ARL)) parking decks. 

Permits/Access Cards

The new technology at each deck will utilize QR codes that can be printed or saved on one’s mobile phone to enter and exit the decks for permit holders. New access cards for permit holders will be issued in September. Those with existing access cards and valid permits for Rappahannock Deck and Van Metre garage may continue to use their current cards until the new cards arrive, in addition to the new QR codes. For those with Mason Pond Deck permits, they will only have the QR codes to use for access until the new access cards arrive. For departments with access cards for Van Metre Garage and Rappahannock Deck, they will be able to use their existing card. However, we will not be able to provide access to Mason Pond Deck for departments until the new access cards are received.

Visitor Validations

For departments and individuals with visitor validations for Van Metre Garage and Mason Pond Deck, the validations will need to be exchanged for new ones that utilize QR codes. You may use existing Mason Pond Deck validations in Shenandoah Deck for a short while more, but please note that Shenandoah Deck will have new pay stations in September or October, similar to the ones in Rappahannock Deck that use validation codes instead of tickets.  As well, new hourly visitor rates for all garages will take effect on August 8, 2022, with the all-day rate increasing to $18. Although the rate is increasing, you can replace your current validations with the new QR code validations at no cost by visiting the Parking Office.

During the transition, the gates for these decks have been up but they will be lowered on August 8 in Van Metre garage and on August 9 in Mason Pond when the new technology is activated.  We will be communicating via email directly with both permit holders and those who have purchased validations to keep you updated on the technology change and what it means for you.

If after receiving the email, you have questions, please contact us at


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Fall 2022 Parking and Transportation Updates and Permit Sales

Fall 2022 Parking and Transportation Updates and Permit Sales

Fall 2022 semester parking permits will go on sale ONLINE ONLY on Monday, August 1, at Parking permits will only be sold on a per-semester basis. Semester and daily/weekly/monthly parking permit rates are posted on the Parking and Transportation website.

Permits will automatically renew in September for employees who pay via payroll deduction, and no action is required.

Permit Options and Rates
Use the links below to view parking permit rates for each classification:

 To Purchase a Permit:
  •  Go to and click on “Purchase Your Permit”
  • Log in with your Mason ID and password and then click “Purchase Your Permit”
  • Verify and/or edit your mailing address. Resident students must have an active Postal Box number in Patriot Web to use their university address.
  • Select the parking permit you would like to purchase.
  • Please read all the rules and regulations associated with the parking permit you intend to purchase and if you agree, click the Accept button. You are responsible for adhering to the posted rules, so please make sure you understand and agree before making a purchase.
  • Verify permit type and information listed prior to inputting payment information.
  • Once the purchase is complete, you will receive a link via email. Click the link and print out the parking permit. The link is temporary, so please save and print the parking permit within 10 days.
  • See where your chosen parking permit is valid, as well as the rules and regulations at:

 Reserved Parking Deck/Garage Permits:

Reserved Parking Deck/Garage parking permits (except Shenandoah Deck) require an access device that will allow you to enter/exit your reserved area of the parking deck/garage. If you are purchasing the same reserved Parking Deck/Garage parking permit for the fall 2022 semester that you had for the spring 2022 semester, your current access device will be reactivated. However, current access cards will be replaced this August/September as the parking systems are being upgraded. Please pay attention to your Mason email, as more information will be shared in the coming weeks.

To obtain or exchange an access device, visit the Parking Services Office on your campus. (Access devices are not required at the SciTech Campus.)

Fairfax Parking Office
Located next to the Shenandoah Parking Deck
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mason Square Parking Office
Van Metre Hall, Room 219
Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Note: Please allow two business days to obtain an access device after permit purchase.

Also new this year, parking deck permit holders will be issued a QR code as an alternate access device, which can be printed out or used directly from a mobile phone. Parking Services will provide information about this option via email.


For off-Campus students-Bundle and earn when you buy a Lot J or Rappahannock Deck reserved permit and then a Freedom 350 or Freedom 500 Dining plan, you will receive up to $50 in extra Freedom Rewards and $25 in Bookstore Credit. For more info, visit Park & Dine page.

Parking Changes for the Fall Semester:

West Campus Shuttle Updates
West Campus shuttle service will be adjusted for the fall semester, with buses every 20 minutes throughout most of the day, but every 40 minutes after 8 p.m. Monday to Thursday and all day on Fridays. Additionally, a new stop is being added to the route at the Ángel Cabrera Global Center.

There is no shuttle service on Saturday/Sunday. Regular fall service starts begins on Monday, August 22. There will be special one-time only Sunday service on the West Campus route on Sunday, August 21, from noon to 10 p.m.


Freshmen Resident Students
Freshmen resident students may purchase any parking permit except the General and Lot M/P parking permits. Freshmen residents may purchase the “Resident Lite” parking permit option, which is valid in Lots K, M, O, and P.

Off-Campus Freshmen
Off-campus freshmen may purchase the “Fairfax/SciTech General Lot” parking permit option in addition to other options normally available to them.

Sophomore Residents
The “Fairfax/SciTech General Lot” parking permit option is available for purchase for Sophomore Residents in addition to other options normally available to them.

Townhouse Residents
A Townhouse parking permit is available to Townhouse residents at a discounted price, but is not valid on the Fairfax East Campus or the SciTech Campus.

Payroll Deduction Permits
Permits will automatically renew in September for employees who pay via payroll deduction, and no action is required. Any employees wishing to stop payroll deduction must return their parking permit to the Parking Services office at MS 1G4. Parking permits must be received by August 10 in order to stop deductions for the September 1 paycheck. Parking permits may be returned at any time to stop future deductions. The process to end your parking payroll deduction will be initiated upon receipt of your parking permit.

Short Term Parking
Students, faculty, and staff who do not require parking on campus on a regular basis may consider daily, weekly, and monthly options available online. Hourly visitor parking is available in all parking garages with a $18 daily maximum.

Daily parking options are available for Lots L/K for $11/day, Lots M, O, and P at the Field House for $7/day, and at the West Campus lot for $5/day. Daily permits for these options are available online at and require drivers to print out and display the permit on their dashboards. Each of these locations also have mobile payment options through the ParkMobile app. A pay-by-license-plate pay station is located in Lot O at the Field House as an additional payment option for Lots M, O, and P.  

Daily parking permits are also available for the SciTech Campus for $8/day, with hourly options available via the ParkMobile app.

Weekly and monthly permits are also available online for Lots L/K and West Campus lot.

Reserved Parking Permit Rules and Regulations
Student reserved parking permits: Mason Pond Deck, Shenandoah Deck, Rappahannock River Deck, Van Metre Garage, Lot R, Lot I and Lot J reserved permits are only allowed to park in the General permit areas of the Fairfax Campus from 5–11 p.m. Monday through Friday, and all day on the weekends. At all other times, these parking permit holders must park in their designated permit areas. Any Faculty/Staff members who have purchased a Lot I or Lot J parking permit are held to the same rules as stated above.

Reserved parking permits are sold in limited quantities to ensure space availability to permit holders under normal conditions. Reserved areas may be used as overflow parking on occasion, but reserved parking permit holders will still be assured a parking space.

The only exceptions to these rules are Mason Pond and Shenandoah Evening parking permits, which are valid in the General permit areas at all times.

SciTech Campus
Fairfax/SciTech General, Mason Square, or any Fairfax reserved lot (I, J, R) or parking deck permit is valid in the SciTech Campus General lots (Occoquan, Discovery, King, and Tower). The Hylton Lot will be completely or partially closed at times as construction begins on a new academic building. Mason parking permits are not allowed in the Freedom Center parking lot.

Beacon Hall residents must purchase a Beacon Hall reserved parking permit, which is valid in the Beacon Hall resident lot, Tower lot, and in the General parking areas at the Fairfax Campus.

Mason Square (formerly the Arlington Campus)
In order to purchase a Mason Square parking permit, you must be working or taking a class there. Each parking permit type at Mason Square is valid in Fairfax and SciTech Campus General parking areas.

Free parking and alternative transportation options are also available (Mason Shuttles, biking, or public transportation). Visit for more information.

  • Free Mason Shuttles run regularly between Fairfax Campus and Vienna Metro, Science and Technology Campus, Mason Square, and area shopping centers (Gunston’s Go Bus). Many routes have schedule changes from this past spring, including reduced service levels on Fridays. Check for details. Fall shuttle schedules will be posted by the first week in August.
  • CUE Bus is free with Mason ID. Travel through City of Fairfax and to/from Vienna Metro. Check CUE Bus website for details.

Motorcycles, Mopeds, and Motorized Scooters All motorcycles, mopeds, and motorized scooters will be required to have a parking permit displayed when parking on any of George Mason University’s campuses. Motorcycles, mopeds, and motorized scooters will no longer be allowed to park at bike racks/shelters. Parking will only be permitted in dedicated motorcycle parking areas with a motorcycle permit, or in a regular vehicle space with a valid parking permit (lockable parking permit holders can be purchased at the Fairfax Parking Services Office for $25). A dedicated motorcycle/moped/scooter parking permit can be purchased individually or as a discounted supplemental parking permit when purchased with a regular vehicle parking permit. Motorcycle parking permits are sold in the Parking Services Office. To purchase a parking permit, please make an appointment with the Parking Services Office.

Please note that personally owned e-scooters similar to the rental ones available around campus may be parked at bike racks.

Contact Us
For questions or concerns, contact Follow Mason Parking and Transportation on Twitter and Facebook.

Mason Square (Arlington) Parking SciTech Shuttles Transportation

Update: Summer Semester Parking

Update: Summer Semester Parking 

Throughout the summer semester, Lot M & P and West Campus permit owners will be able to park their vehicle on the Fairfax east/main campus.  This includes the non-restricted parking spaces in Lots A, C, K, L, M, O, P, PV and the General permit area of the Rappahannock Parking Deck.  Overnight restrictions within the General permit area of the Rappahannock Parking Deck (Levels 1 & 2 with the exception of the segregated visitor area/paid parking) will be waived for the summer.  Please note that your permit is not valid in faculty/staff spaces, reserved lots and other restricted areas.

Lot I, Lot J, and Lot R reserved parking permits will also be valid in General parking areas to include the non-restricted parking spaces in Lots A, C, K, L, M, O, P, PV and the General permit area of the Rappahannock Parking Deck.

Rappahannock reserved parking permits will be valid in General parking areas to include the non-restricted parking spaces in Lots A, C, K, L, M, O, P and the PV Lot.

Summer Mason Shuttles service operates through Friday, August 19, 2022. Please check for details.

For questions please contact Parking Services at (703) 993-2710 or email us at

Thank you,

Mason Parking Services

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Mason Pond Deck Visitor Section Only Accepting ParkMobile for Payment Through July

Updated 7/8/2022 – Through the month of July, the Mason Pond Deck will be undergoing a parking equipment replacement upgrade. For those using visitor validations, the new equipment once active by the end of June or early July will only be compatible with new printed validation barcodes which will be available at the Parking Services Office once a validation request has been completed. We will provide more information on how to swap the old validations you have purchased for the new barcode validations.


While the technology upgrades are being implemented this month, the visitor gates in Mason Pond Deck will be raised. The ONLY way in which one can pay for visitor parking is by utilizing the ParkMobile app. No validations can be used at Mason Pond Deck until the new equipment is functional. Once the new equipment is operational, visitors can use validations which your department have purchased or obtained by swapping out the old ones, or Visa and Mastercard at the pay stations and exit gates as before.


Meanwhile, your guests are welcome to park at the Shenandoah visitor section and use your existing  white chaser ticket validations if you are intending to pay for their parking fees. Any white chaser ticket validations can be brought in to our office for replacement once printed barcodes to be used at Mason Pond are available. At some point in late summer, the Shenandoah visitor equipment and gates will be removed and there will be new parking pay stations which function like the ones in Rappahannock Deck, utilizing a validation code instead of the white chaser tickets. We will be in touch once we have more information about that process.


If you are a participant in our EV Charging Station program, you are welcome to park and charge your vehicle at the Mason Pond Charging Stations with your white chaser ticket ready to turn in to us upon exit. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Mason Square (Arlington) Parking

To All Van Metre Hall Validation Holders

Updated 7/8/2022 – New parking equipment is being installed in the Van Metre Hall Garage.  The new parking equipment will utilize barcode validations which will be available through the Mason Square (Arlington) Parking Services Office. For those of you who have the previously issued white magnetic stripe validations, we will need to swap out these magnetic stripe validations that look like a parking ticket, for the new barcode validations.

In order to facilitate this swap to the new barcode validations, please contact us with the number of magnetic stripe validations you have in your possession broken down by validation type (one hour, two hours, etc.).  We will then print out the corresponding barcode validations and schedule a time to make the exchange.

We expect the new parking equipment to be functional by July 31 when the parking gates will be operational and visitor parking will once again be charged for by credit card or with the new validations. Information to permit holders will be sent separately about using a new access device and/or barcode.

Please contact the Mason Square (Arlington) parking team at, (703)993-8146 or (703)993-7007.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

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Vanpool Formation Survey: Loudoun County to Fairfax Campus

Are you a full-time faculty/staff member who lives in Loudoun County and works on the Fairfax Campus?  Would you like to have your commute costs reimbursed up to $280/month, tax-free, not have to do all the driving, park free at Mason, and reduce carbon emissions?  If so, consider vanpooling.  Parking and Transportation has developed a short vanpool match survey

More detailed information about vanpooling at Mason is available on the vanpool page.   If you have any questions about vanpooling – whether you live in Loudoun County or not – please reach out to us at

Mason Square (Arlington) Parking SciTech Transportation

Summer 2022 Permits on Sale Beginning May 2

Summer 2022 Permit Sales (Announcement and Price Sheet PDF)

  • 2022 Summer semester parking permits will go on sale ONLINE ONLY on Monday, May 2, 2022. Permits can be purchased at
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and semester-based options will be available.
  • Summer session printable permits will be available for Sessions A, B, C, D and E.
  • West Campus and Lot M & P permits will not be available due to modified shuttle service for the summer
  • Motorcycle permits are available for purchase. If purchased as a secondary permit, please come into the Parking Services office to receive the discounted rate.
  • Spring semester permits are valid until August 15 (students) and August 31 (faculty/staff). Please check your permit for specific expiration date.
  • Faculty/Staff with a payroll deduction permit DO NOT need to renew their current permit.
  • Only one vehicle may be attached to a daily, weekly, or monthly permit. If multiple vehicles will be used or if you need to switch vehicles, please contact Parking Services.
  • All semester permits will be mailed out (except printable permits). Please make sure to use the correct mailing address when purchasing a permit. Please print out your 14-day temporary permit during the purchasing process.  You can use this temporary permit until your hangtag arrives in the mail.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Parking Services at or call (703) 993-2710.