Faculty and Staff Parking

When purchasing a permit online, payments can be made with Visa, Mastercard, or electronic check. When paying with electronic check, please ensure there are sufficient funds in the account and that the routing and account numbers are entered properly. A $50 administrative fee will be applied to accounts with insufficient funds or if the account number or routing number are entered incorrectly.

Payroll Deduction Forms

Faculty/Staff Permit and Parking Requirements

Faculty/staff parking is restricted to employees displaying a valid George Mason University faculty/staff parking permit. Selected special permits are also considered valid in faculty/staff parking areas. Permits are not transferable to other persons.

NOVA Faculty and Staff Parking at Mason

A reciprocal agreement between George Mason University and Northern Virginia Community College allows vehicles with a valid NOVA faculty/staff virtual permit to have the same parking privileges and responsibilities afforded to vehicles displaying valid George Mason University faculty/staff General permits, excluding the Arlington Campus. In order to use one's NOVA faculty/staff virtual permit, they must obtain a complimentary Mason permit from the Parking Services office and display that in conjunction with having the NOVA virtual permit. To get the complimentary Mason permit, one must bring in their NOVA faculty/staff ID to the Parking Services office, and they must be classified as a faculty/staff member in Patriot Web at George Mason University as well.

Faculty/Staff Parking Locations

Faculty/staff displaying a valid George Mason University or NOVA faculty/staff permit may park in any surface lot or section of a lot marked for faculty/staff use only. Faculty/staff may also park in any general parking space located within any general surface lot.

Valid Lots/Garages by Permit Type

Enforcement of Faculty Staff Parking Spaces

Parking Services will monitor and enforce the faculty/staff permit requirement in all restricted areas.

Mason Faculty and Staff Parking at NOVA

George Mason Faculty/Staff are eligible to park on NOVA campuses at no charge. In order to do so, you will need to follow the below process.

Upon arriving at a NOVA campus for the first time, a George Mason Faculty/Staff member should report to a campus Parking Office to register their vehicle.  You will need to have the following information with you:

  • George Mason Faculty/Staff ID
  • Vehicle Information: (Up to 3)
    • License Plate Number
    • Make, Model, Color

You will be asked to fill out a short form so NOVA Parking can enter the information into their system.  Once NOVA Parking has verified and registered your information into the system, you will be issued a virtual permit.  These permits are good for 1 year, starting on July 1st of the current year and expiring on June 30th of the following year.

Once a virtual permit has been issued the George Mason Faculty/Staff member is free to park in any 'A' or 'B' lot as well as the visitor lot of their Brault Administration building.

Any changes that need to be made to the registered vehicles NOVA Parking has on record, can be accomplished in one of two ways:

  • In person at any of the NOVA Parking Office locations
  • Via an email from their George Mason email address to parking@nvcc.edu

If there are any further questions or concerns, NOVA Parking can be reached at 703-323-3123 or parking@nvcc.edu.