Motorcycle, Moped, and Motorized Scooter Parking

Motorcycles and Mopeds

All motorcycles and mopeds are required to have a permit displayed when parking on any of George Mason University’s campuses. Motorcycles and mopeds are not allowed to park at bike racks/shelters. Parking is only permitted in dedicated motorcycle parking areas with a motorcycle permit, or in a regular vehicle space with a valid parking permit (lockable permit holders can be purchased at the Fairfax Parking Services Office for $25).

A dedicated motorcycle/moped permit can be purchased online at My Parking Account for $100/year, or $30 as a supplemental permit when purchased with a regular vehicle permit.

Electric Personal Scooters and/or Shared Mobility Scooters

Electric personal and shared mobility scooters do not require a permit.  They must be parked at or adjacent to a bike rack.  They cannot impede disabled access.  Electric personal and shared mobility scooters cannot be ridden on sidewalks.  They are only allowed to be ridden on roadways, in bike lanes, and on the Campus Drive shared use path.  They are not permitted in any Mason buildings, including parking decks, and must not be charged at any University source of electricity.