Parking Permits and Fees

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Parking Permit Rates

Other Permits

Fairfax Daily Lot L & K $9.00
Field House Lots: M, O, & P Daily Rate (Pay & Display receipt on your vehicle’s dashboard.
Pay machine is located in Lot O in front of the Field House; pay by cell through Parkmobile application)
West Campus Daily $3.00
Daily Evening General (valid after 4pm) $6.00
Science and Technology Campus Daily Permit Rate $6.00
Weekly Permit Rate (Note 4) $25.00
Monthly Permit Rate (Note 4) $60.00
Permit Replacement - Semester $50.00
Permit Replacement - Payroll Deduction $25.00
Deck Hourly Rate - 1hr (Note 3) $3.00
Deck Hourly Rate - 2hr (Note 3) $6.00
Deck Hourly Rate - 3hr (Note 3) $9.00
Deck Hourly Rate - 4hr (Note 3) $12.00
Deck Hourly Rate - 4 - 24hr (Note 3) $15.00
Deck Weekend Rate (All day) $8.00
Science and Technology Campus Meter Hourly Rate - 1hr
(every hour after the first is $1.00 up to a maximum of $6.00)

*Not available for on-campus residents.

**Available to students and Faculty/Staff who take classes or work at the Arlington Campus.

Note 1: Mopeds, scooters, and bicycles occupying parking space will be categorized as motorcycles for policy application.

Note 2: Price reduced for individuals who purchase a motorcycle permit with a regular permit.

Note 3: Rates repeat after 24 hours. Pricing may vary depending on time, date, and presence of an event. Temporary rate changes will be posted at the entrances to the parking deck.

Note 4: Due to the increased demand in General parking, student Weekly and Monthly permits may only be valid in the Field House Lots (M, O, & P). In the event that the Field House lots are full, overflow parking is available along Rapidan River Road and in the West Campus Parking Lot.

Note 5: Permit listing is not indicative of availability. Availability is subject to change. Please contact Parking Services if you have any questions.