Fairfax / SciTech (Prince William) Shuttle

Spring service begins on Monday, January 25.


  • Spring 2021 schedule - Starts Monday, January 25.  Monday-Friday; no weekends.  Two buses on the route.  Note: Manassas stop inbound to SciTech is untimed.  Please see schedule for details.

Note: Please remember we are guests at the Manassas Mall.  Park in the designated area.  For details, please see the mall map.

Previous schedules:

  • Revised Fall 2020 schedule #2 (beginning November 30, 2020) - No weekend service, limited departures, and service only between certain date ranges; please see schedule for details.
  • Revised Fall 2020 schedule (last day on this schedule is Tuesday, November 24, 2020) - No weekend service, service Monday-Friday every 40 minutes from Colgan and Sandy Creek beginning at 6am from each direction.

Want to Track Your Shuttle?

Download the Mobile Mason app or click Shuttle Tracker to view real-time arrival information.


Several stops for the shuttles do not have timed stops (marked by -- on the schedule), however the shuttles drive by these stops as part of their normal route.  If you want to catch the shuttle at one of the untimed stops, just be at the stop at the pickup time of the stop before yours!  The driver will see you and stop to pick you up.

From Manassas Mall you can access the PTRC Bus System for transportation to surrounding areas. Schedules are on: http://www.prtctransit.org/.