Student Parking

When purchasing a permit online at My Parking Account, payments can be made with Visa, Mastercard, or electronic check. When paying with electronic check, please ensure there are sufficient funds in the account and that the routing and account numbers are entered properly. A $50 administrative fee will be applied to accounts with insufficient funds or if the account number or routing number are entered incorrectly.

Student Permits and Parking Requirements

Student parking is restricted to students displaying a valid George Mason University student parking permit.

Resident Freshman Parking

Freshman residents who have a vehicle are required to purchase a West Campus, Lot I, Lot J or Rappahannock River parking permit. For information on where these parking permits are valid, please go to the or respective Rules and Regulations link below:

Resident Student Parking Requirements

Resident student permits are valid in areas designated for resident student parking. Non-resident student permits are not valid in resident student parking areas. Resident student permits are, for the purpose of this regulation, considered to be student permits and are valid in parking areas designated for student parking. Lot R (Liberty Square/Potomac Heights) is for resident students living in Liberty Square and Potomac Heights; proof of residence is required.

Proof of Resident Student Status

Resident students may be required to provide proof of their residency status when purchasing a permit. A copy of the student’s housing contract is the preferred method for proof of residency status.

Student Parking Locations

Students displaying a valid George Mason University student permit may park in any surface lot or section of a lot marked for student use only. Students may also park in any general parking space located within any general surface lot.

Valid Lot/Garages by Permit Type

Enforcement of Student Parking Spaces

Parking Services will monitor and enforce the student permit requirement in all restricted areas. This enforcement includes enforcement of resident student parking areas.