Patriot Lift

Transportation for Mobility-impaired Patriots

Note: Patriot Lift is staffed by services are only available when school is in session.  Transport services are not provided for off-campus locations.

The Patriot Lift Program provides limited campus transportation service to those students, faculty and staff requiring long- or short-term assistance moving around campus. All students must receive prior approval from the Office of Disability Services or Student Health Services. All faculty and staff must receive prior approval from the Office of Compliance, Diversity and Ethics. The program is a partnership between Parking & Transportation, Office of Disability Services, Student Health Services, and Compliance, Diversity and Ethics.

Students, faculty, and staff approved for transportation assistance through the Office of Disability Services, Student Health Services, or Compliance, Diversity and Ethics will receive service within the parameter of the Fairfax Campus on a one-time or recurring basis. The Parking and Transportation department will house and operate the program.

Hours of Operation

NEW! Piloting extended hours for Spring 2020.  Previously hours were Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm.

For Spring the extended hours are:

  • 8:00am-10:00pm Monday-Friday.
  • Saturday/Sunday hours available.  Please schedule weekend pick ups by 3pm the Friday before.

No service during holidays breaks and when administrative offices are closed. The service may be suspended during inclement weather or other conditions.

Request for Service

All requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance of need. Only registered participants can make last-minute requests for transportation. To make a request, please email or call 703.993.2828 with the following information:

  • Full Name, G#, email address, telephone number, dormitory
  • Date, time and location of needed service

How to Register for Patriot Lift

A student seeking accommodations should submit documentation showing his/her need for Patriot Lift (a doctor’s note is fine) and a schedule of when services will be needed. Based on the nature of the disability, the applicant may be asked to supply a doctor’s note. Both documents can be submitted in person or via mail to one of the following offices:

Via Mail:
George Mason University
Attn: Student Health Services
4400 University Drive, MSN: 2D3
Fairfax, VA 22030

Students may go in person to the Student Health Services Office on the Fairfax Campus
2500 Student Union Building 1
Phone: (703) 993-2831

Faculty and Staff may go in person to the Office of Compliance, Diversity, and Ethics on the Fairfax Campus
373 Aquia Building
Phone: (703) 993-8730

If you have a DMV placard for temporary or permanent accommodation, you do not need permission to join the program. Simply fill out a schedule and submit it to the Transportation Office in Nottoway Annex, Mail Stop 1J6 or via email at to begin the program.

The submitted documentation will be reviewed within 5 business days to determine eligibility for an accommodation(s) using the University’s criteria. The applicant will be contacted via email regarding the outcome of the review. A new schedule form needs to be submitted every semester including the summer.

If the applicant is eligible for an accommodation(s), he/she will be directed in the email to schedule a phone call or in-person orientation session with a Transportation Office staff member.  The purpose of this phone call or in-person orientation is for the applicant to complete intake forms, to discuss the accommodation(s) and other support services appropriate to his/her needs.  The applicant may begin to use the accommodation(s), in accordance with established procedures, (after the orientation is completed); accommodations cannot begin until after this session.

If the applicant is not eligible for accommodations, he/she will be directed to other University support services.

Transports not previously approved by the Office of Disability Services, Student Health Services, and Compliance, Diversity and Ethics will ONLY be considered when of a critical nature. Please note that in an emergency situation Mason Police should be contacted by dialing 911.


Patriot Lift may be used by visitors. To request service, a department or sponsor needs to call the Transportation Office to make arrangements for the guest or visitor: