Shared Mobility

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Mason is collaborating with the City of Fairfax in their pilot shared mobility program. If using an e-scooter from one of the participating vendors be aware of your personal responsibility as outlined in your agreement with the vendor.

Please Note: Use shared mobility e-scooters in the pilot area only, on Mason’s Fairfax Campus and in the City of Fairfax.

Bird: 866-205-2442, (launched 11/18/2019; relaunched 8/15/2020) - 

Lime: 888-546-3345, (launched 8/15/2020) - Note: Lime has temporarily paused deployments/operations in the Fairfax/Mason pilot area.

LINK: 844-701-8163,  (launched 10/18/2021) -

Important Points

1. Remember that the safety of the entire community is paramount.  Please share our community spaces with mindfulness and courtesy.

2. Wear a helmet.

3. Ride on roads, in bike lanes, and on the shared use path (on Campus Drive) only.

4. Be predictable. Use hand signals to indicate, left, right, and stop.

5. Be sober, alert, and not under the influence of anything that can impair your driving.

6. Have all of the vehicle wheels touching the ground at all times.

7. Keep your speed to a maximum of 15 MPH and adjust it down if needed for traffic, inclement weather, or anytime safety is an issue.

8. ALWAYS give pedestrians the right of way and yield to them in crosswalks.

9. Obey all traffic laws as your scooter, bike, or skateboard are moving vehicles. This includes, but is not limited to, stopping at stops signs and obeying one-way street signs.

10. Use all the safety equipment that comes with your vehicle and wear reflective clothing. Being seen is key to safety.

11. When using between sunset and sunrise, make sure your scooter or bike is equipped with a headlight on the front emitting a white light visible from at least 500’ and a red reflector on the back visible from at least 600’.

12. Leave your bike, scooter, or skateboard in the areas designated by Parking & Transportation (e.g. bike rack or scooter corral). Shared mobility e-scooters should be parked in scooter corrals (scroll to page 2) however there is additional shared scooter parking at bike racks. No matter where you go, on-campus or off-campus, never leave a scooter on a sidewalk or anywhere where it can be a tripping hazard or mobility issue for others.

13. Review and understand the Personal Transportation Vehicle Policy.

14. Remember that you use these vehicles at your own risk.


1. Don’t ride your vehicle:
a. Inside buildings or parking garages (Modes of transportation designed for persons with disabilities (e.g. wheelchairs) are exempt).
b. On sidewalks, stairs or in stairwells, on railings or other outdoor architecture (benches, etc.) on athletic fields, or in amphitheater seating.

2. Don’t leave your vehicle where it will block pedestrian pathways or building entrances or have it tethered/locked/left on railings, signs, tress, or where it will impede the work of the University (e.g. landscaping, facilities).

3. Don’t charge any vehicle in residence halls, offices, dining facilities, or any other University source of electricity.

4. Don’t drive under the influence of drugs, liquor, or medication that can impair your driving.

5. Don’t weave in and out of automobile traffic.

6. Don’t be distracted while the vehicle is in motion by:
a. Smoking
b. Wearing headphones
c. Using a cell phone or any other device

7. Don’t exceed the load capacity of the vehicle.

Where to Park?

On-campus, park your shared mobility scooter in a designated scooter corral or at a bike rack. Map of corral locations (scroll to page 2).

Off-campus, please follow the City of Fairfax guidelines in their FAQ section.

In all places: Never leave a scooter parked in such a way where it could pose a danger or tripping hazard. Be mindful not to impede pedestrian and ADA access. Please remember that we are all sharing space together; ride and park responsibly on-campus or off-campus.

Where to Ride?

On-campus, only ride on roadways outside the Campus Core, in bike lanes, and on the Campus Drive shared use path. The Campus Core is anything inside Patriot Circle. Use of scooters inside Patriot Circle is restricted to those roads as determined by Parking and Transportation that are free of construction or other safety issues and is subject to change.  The center of campus is a no park/no ride zone so shared scooters should not be operated there. For a map showing the no park/no ride zones and the places where it is permissible to ride scooters, as well as bikes, skateboards, and to skate, please visit the scooter map (scroll to page 2).

Off-campus, please follow the City of Fairfax guidelines in their FAQ section.

 e-Scootere-BikeSkateboardPedal BikeSkates
Dismount ZoneNoNoNoNoNo
Bike LaneYesYesYesYesYes
Campus Drive (Shared Use Path)YesYesYesYesYes

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