Parking Fines and Fine Payments

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Schedule of Fine Rates

Rates are Subject to Change Without Notification

All parking citations have a base fine amount determined by their violation type. If a student pays off their citation in full within five (5) calendar days of citation issuance, then they may email Mason Parking Services ( to request an early payment rebate.

Checks postmarked within five (5) business days of citation issuance are also eligible for an early payment rebate. Appealed citations are not eligible for the early payment rebate.

Violation types, base fine amounts, and five-day rebate rates are displayed in the chart below.

Violation Type Base Fine Fine After Rebate
Fraudulent Use of a Parking Deck $375 N/A
No Permit, No Permit on File and/or Displayed $100 $85
Parking Overtime, Parking Time Limit Exceeded $35 $30
Firelane Parking at Yellow Curbing and/or Sign $125 N/A
Restricted Area, Not Adhering to Signage or Restrictions $50 $40
Loading Zone Improper/Unauthorized Use of Loading Area $50 $40
Disabled Area Violation $375 N/A
Blocking Disabled Access, Restricting Ability to Access In or Out $375 N/A
Parking in a Reserved Space/Area, No Permit for Restricted Area $100 $85
Fraudulent Display, Use of Lost/Stolen/Counterfeit Permit $375 N/A
Towing Removal of Vehicle from Area Parked $100 $85
Booting and Immobilization Restricting Ability of Moving Car by Device $75 $70
Improper Display, Non-compliance with Policy Display Requirements $25 $20
Parking over the Lines, Exceeding Parameter of Designated Space Control $25 $20
Parking Left/Wrong Side to Curb Vehicle Parked in Opposition of Traffic Flow $25 $20
Double Parking, Parking Side by Side in a Vertical Parking Area $25 $20
Damage to Parking Deck* $200 N/A
Tailgating** $200 N/A
No Permit First Week of Semester $25 $20
No Permit Second Week of Semester $50 $40
Improper Use of State Property $375 N/A
MasonVale Improper Display $50 $40

*Damage to Parking Deck includes damage to the deck gate, pay stations and other deck equipment or features.

**Tailgating includes additional vehicles driving through the gate after the gate bar has been raised for a vehicle to drive through

Escalation Fees

Payments made after five (5) calendar days will not receive any discounted rate, and will equal the base fine amount in addition to any escalation fees that may accumulate over time.

The escalation fees are as follows:

A $15 late fee will be issued ten days after the citation date.

A $25 late fee will be issued thirty days after the citation date.

Fine Payment Requirements and Penalties

Payment for fines can be made at the Parking Services Office on the Fairfax campus, Science & Technology campus, Arlington campus, or online through the links in the banner at the top of this page. When paying fines online, payments can be made with Visa, Mastercard, or electronic check. If paying with electronic check, please ensure there are sufficient funds in the account and that the routing and account numbers are entered properly. A $50 administrative fee will be applied to accounts with insufficient funds or if the account number or routing number are entered incorrectly.

Fine Due Dates 

Fines are to be paid or appealed within seven (7) calendar days of receipt of citation. All fines not paid by the tenth calendar day will be assessed a fifteen dollar ($15) late fee. Fines not paid within thirty (30) calendar days of issuance will be assessed an additional twenty-five dollar ($25) late fee. See the Parking Appeals page for more information.

Late Letter Reminders

Parking Services mails two (2) late letter reminders to individuals who have outstanding parking fines. The first letter is mailed to the address of record ten (10) days after a citation was issued. The final letter is sent thirty (30) days after date of issuance.

Delinquent Fines

Students who fail to pay or appeal citations will be placed on financial suspension thirty (30) days after the date of issuance. As stated in the George Mason University catalog, financial suspension "means that no transcripts or records are issued, no diplomas are released, and no registrations are permitted until outstanding obligations including the reinstatement fee, have been paid in full." Faculty/staff and visitors are also considered delinquent when citations remain unpaid more than thirty (30) days after the date of issuance.

Collections and Tax Set-Off 

Parking fines outstanding for sixty (60) days or longer will be referred to a collection agency. Additional collection agency fees may be as much as 28% of the total balance due referred by the University. Accounts chargeable to a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia will also be reported to the Virginia Department of Taxation, Division of Set-Off Debt Collection. The balance of the unpaid account will be deducted from the individual's Virginia State income tax refund. The amount deducted will be forwarded to George Mason University, an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Vehicle Immobilization and Conditions of Release

Vehicles with five or more outstanding fines per semester (over ten (10) days late) or that owe $300.00 are subject to towing, booting, immobilization, and/or impoundment on the University Campus, at the owner’s risk and expense. All outstanding fines must be paid in full or the ticket holder/vehicle owner must enter into a contractual payment agreement with the University before the vehicle will be released.

Vehicle Release Policy

Booted, Immobilized, and/or impounded vehicles will be released only to the registered owner. Said owner must prove ownership by producing the original vehicle title and/or registration together with a picture identification proving the claimant's identity. If the claimant is not the registered owner of the vehicle, he/she must produce a written and notarized letter with embossed seal from the owner permitting the University to release the vehicle to the claimant. The original title and registration or copies thereof must accompany the letter of release.

Payment Plan Agreement

Faculty, staff and students who have incurred parking fines of $300.00 or more and who are unable to pay said fines in full may opt to enter into a contractual payment plan agreement with the University to satisfy their indebtedness. A one-third initial payment is required before the payer can be released from financial suspension or have a booted, immobilized, or impounded vehicle released. A $25 administrative fee will be charged to be placed on the payment plan. These individuals are responsible for making a maximum three (3) additional timely payments without benefit of a reminder. Any default by the payer as outlined in the contract will negate the agreement. Payment plan agreements will not be renewed following a defaulted contract.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Access

As an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the University has access to certain DMV computer files. Said access enables the University to determine the name and address of a vehicle owner by license tag or vehicle identification number.

Parking Citation and Fine Liability

Ultimately, the registered owner of a vehicle is responsible for all citations and fines issued to said vehicle whether or not the owner was in fact the driver. In addition to the registered owner of the vehicle, the holder of a University parking permit may also be held financially responsible for citations and fines issued to the vehicle for which the permit is registered.