Parking and Transportation Update Fall 2019

Parking & Transportation Update Fall 2019

As the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester rapidly approaches, Mason students, faculty and staff are reminded that traffic on and around the Fairfax Campus greatly increases, especially during the first few weeks of the semester. The following campus parking and transportation guide will help minimize potential parking and traffic delays.

A valid parking permit is required to park outside of visitor areas.

During the first few weeks of the semester, we suggest allowing an extra 30-45 minutes to arrive on campus. Though some parking spaces are more convenient to your destination than others, the Fairfax Campus has more than enough spaces to accommodate all vehicles. However, many General parking permit areas fill at peak class times.

At times during the morning, late afternoon and early evenings, campus police cadets will be directing traffic around campus. Please be alert and follow the cadet’s directions.

New this fall:  There is a dismount zone from East Building south to Enterprise Hall.  Golf carts are not permitted in the dismount zone and those using bikes, scooters, skateboards or skates must dismount and walk.  This is for the safety of all.

Below is information about parking, shuttles, alternative transportation options, construction and finding parking & transportation information.

Arriving on campus between 10 a.m. and 11a.m.:

  • General permit parking in Lots L and K is recommended as most other General parking areas on the East Campus, including Lot A, tend to fill early.
  • If “Lot Full” signs are posted at Lot K, please proceed directly to the Field House (see below). Please note that all of Lot J requires a reserved Lot J permit except the designated Faculty/Staff General spaces on the perimeter.
  • The General permit parking area of the Rappahannock Parking Deck (all of Level 2 and Level 1 spaces not designated as visitor parking) generally fills to capacity between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.
    • The ramps from Levels 2 to 3 and the non-reserved spaces on Level 3 in Rappahannock Deck are restricted to Faculty/Staff General permit parking.

Arriving on campus between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. (especially Tuesdays and Thursdays):

  • The best option for General permit parking is Lot L, the back of Lot K, the PV Lot and the General permit lots by the Field House on the west side of Ox Road.
  • At peak times, General permit traffic may be directed from East Campus to the West Campus lot, via Campus Drive or Braddock Road.
  • It is highly recommended to use the West Campus Lot or the unrestricted parking spaces along Rapidan River Road as a primary option to save time.

The West Campus shuttle provides service from 7 a.m. to 11:45 p.m., with stops at Rapidan River Road, the Field House (Campus Drive side), the RAC, Mason Pond Drive (EagleBank Arena side), Presidents Park, Masonvale (Patriot Circle at Staffordshire Lane) and Rappahannock River Lane (Shelter 3), and ends back at West Campus. View the West Campus shuttle schedule at:

Note: The average walk time from the Field House to the Johnson Center is about 12 to 15 minutes and 20 minutes from West Campus, taking the pathway parallel to Campus Drive.

Visitor Parking: The Mason Pond, Shenandoah and Rappahannock parking decks provide most of the campus’ visitor parking spaces.

  • The visitor sections of the Mason Pond and Shenandoah parking decks fill in the mornings and early evenings during the first few weeks of the semester.
  • Additional visitor parking is available in the first level visitor parking area of the Rappahannock Parking Deck (a separate visitor entrance is located off Patriot Circle).
    • Pay in advance utilizing our Pay by Space machines or ParkMobile, which allows payment by cell phone. Sign up at or by downloading their mobile app.
  • Additional visitor parking is available at the Field House utilizing the Pay and Display machine (MasterCard and Visa accepted) located across from the front door of the Field House. Parking is $5 per day with the shuttle service mentioned above to travel to East Campus. ParkMobile service is also available.
  • If the Field House lots are full, please park in the West Campus lot after payment at the Field House Pay and Display machine. The most economical daily parking is at the West Campus lot for $3 per day. This option is only available by purchasing a daily printable West Campus parking permit online. The permit must be displayed.

 Printable Visitor Permits

  • A separate daily evening permit allowing parking after 4 p.m. Monday-Friday in East Campus General lots such as Lot K is available for $6/day.
  • A complimentary Saturday/Sunday permit for Lot K is also available online.
  • At the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester, only West Campus Daily, Lot P daily and General Evening permits will be available online.

 Visitor Payment Methods

  • Mason Pond Parking Deck accepts Mason Money, MasterCard, Visa, prepaid validations and cash. For a quicker exit, use the three pay-on-foot machines located on Levels 1-3 which accept MasterCard, Visa and prepaid validations only.
  • Shenandoah Parking Deck accepts MasterCard, Visa, prepaid validations and cash.  For a quicker exit, use the two pay-on-foot machines located on Level 1 adjacent to the elevators  which accept MasterCard, Visa, prepaid validations and cash.
  • Rappahannock Parking Deck Pay-by-Space machines are located adjacent to the elevators and accept MasterCard, Visa, prepaid validation codes and exact parking fee cash. These machines do not provide change. Avoid lines by using ParkMobile.
  • The Pay and Display machine at the Field House accepts MasterCard and Visa. ParkMobile payments are also accepted.
  • You can pay online for Printable Permits using MasterCard, Visa or your checking account.


  • Check the Mason Shuttles website at for fall semester shuttle schedules.
  • Click on the route name at the top and select the schedule.
  • Some schedules may have weekday and separate weekend schedules.
  • All shuttles are free with Mason ID and every bus is outfitted with a bike rack and Wi-Fi.

Mason Shuttles is using a real-time transit service called RideSystems.  Download the RLS app, or visit to see when the next shuttle is arriving. The real-time arrival info for shuttles and local public transportation can also be viewed in the Mobile Mason app.

Sandy Creek – Vienna Metro shuttle

  • Operates from Fairfax Campus to the Vienna Metro station and runs continuously with buses every 15-30 minutes from 6 a.m. to 12:15am, Monday through Friday.
  • Saturday and Sunday service begins at 8 a.m. with weekend stops at the Mason Townhouses on Chain Bridge Road and by Fairfax Circle on Lee Highway.
  • A Mason ID card is required to board the shuttle from the Rappahannock River Lane, Commerce Building and Fairfax Circle stops.
  • The buses leave from the Sandy Creek Transit Center and Rappahannock River Lane (Outgoing, Shelter #1; Incoming Finley) every 15 minutes during the morning and afternoon peak (rush hours).
    • During non-rush hour they operate every 30 minutes.
  • For more information go to:

Global Center – Metro shuttle

Fairfax-SciTech Campus shuttle

  • Provides service between the Fairfax Campus and SciTech Campus (Manassas).
  • Shuttle service Monday-Thursday between 6:00 a.m. and 11:45 p.m. with departures every half hour for most of the day. Less frequent service on Fridays.
  • Weekend service every two hours is also available for the Fairfax-SciTech shuttle beginning at 8am in Fairfax and 9am at SciTech.
  • Please note that all scheduled departure times have changed from past semesters on the Fairfax-SciTech route, with departure times now on the hour, half hour, 15 and 45 minutes after the hour.
  • To address the increasing construction and traffic volume on I-66, the new Monday-Friday schedule now allows a 75-minute, one-way trip from SciTech to Fairfax during morning rush hour and a 75-minute, one-way trip from Fairfax to SciTech during afternoon rush hour.
    • 60 minutes in both directions at all other times.
  • A Mason ID card is required to board the shuttle from the Manassas Mall stop (shuttle stop is located outside the At Home Store).
  • Commuters also have the option to park at the Science and Technology Campus with a valid parking permit or use Pay-by-Space visitor parking and ride the shuttle.
  • Check for information and schedules.

Burke Centre VRE shuttle

    • Provides a connection between the VRE and Fairfax Campus.
    • Free parking is located at the Burke Centre VRE garage and may be used as a park’n’ride lot. Students and employees that live in the Burke area can walk or ride a bike to catch the shuttle.
    • Mid-day departures have been added for the fall semester.
    • For schedule information and mapping, go to:


Gunston Go-Bus

  • Provides service between the RAC, Sandy Creek Transit Center, Fair Lakes, Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax Corner, Ridge Top Road, Whole Foods and University Mall.
    • Gunston Mason does not serve University Mall.
    • Gunston George does not serve the Whole Foods stop.
  • The Gunston Go-Bus schedule has a new look as it has been divided into two separate schedules – one for Gunston Mason and one for Gunston George.
  • Go to for schedules and more information.

Alternative Transportation Options

CUE Bus:

  • Besides the Mason Shuttles, students and employees can ride any of the four Fairfax City CUE buses to and from the Rappahannock River Lane stop throughout Fairfax City and to the Vienna Metro stop for free simply by presenting their Mason ID.


  • Recognized as a bicycle friendly university, there are more than 1,400 bicycle parking spaces around campus.
  • Covered bike parking is available under shelters around campus and on Levels 1 and 2 of Rappahannock River Deck.
  • A bicycle registration program offers registrants free bike locks and bike lights.
  • A bike check out program called Patriot Bikes is available at the RAC and new this fall, at the AFC.
  • Go to for more information.

Carpooling options:

  • The Carpool Zone in Lot A, accessed off of Mattaponi River Lane, and the Carpool Zone on the first level of the Rappahannock River Deck General permit area will resume on Monday, August 26.
    • To park in a carpool zone, show up between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m., Monday-Friday with two or more people in your car, a General student or faculty/staff parking permit, and you can park in a carpool space.
    • New this fall: A West Campus or Lot M/P permit is valid in the Carpool Zone with three or more people in your car.
    • No special permit is required as a parking officer will screen vehicles. It’s first come first served.
    • Visit for more info.
  • Students and employees may qualify for a 20-40 percent rebate on their reserved parking permits by carpooling.
  • To find a carpool partner, use Zimride, a ridesharing network that helps match people with similar commutes.
    • Sign up with your Mason Net ID and password at Carpooling can save thousands of dollars per year!


Motorcycle Parking:

Motorcycle parking spaces are available in various locations around campus,

  • Including in front of the Aquatics and Fitness Center, by the Northeast Modules, Lot J, Lot C, on the first level of the Rappahannock River Parking Deck inside the General permit area, and in the Finley Lot (permit required).
  • Additional reserved deck parking for motorcycles is also available in the Mason Pond, Shenandoah and Rappahannock River parking decks (motorcycle reserved permit required).

Moped Parking:

  • Gas powered scooters and mopeds are required to purchase motorcycle permits and use motorcycle parking areas.
  • Mopeds and scooters may not park at bike racks or in other areas around campus.

Electric Scooter Parking:

Science and Technology (SciTech) Campus Parking

  • Fairfax-SciTech General area, Lot I, Lot J, Lot R, and reserved parking deck permits are valid in the Occoquan, King, Discovery, Hylton, and Tower parking lots at the SciTech Campus.
    • Please follow signage in these lots as parking spaces may be designated for various uses or permits.
  • Beacon Hall resident parking permit holders may only park in the Beacon Hall resident lot or the Tower Lot.
  • The Shops parking lot in front of Beacon Hall has Faculty/Staff, event permit and 30-minute parking on the northwest side.
    • The southeast side (left side facing the building) of the lot is for retail parking only.
  • Visitor parking is available in the Occoquan and Discovery parking lots utilizing the Pay-by-Space machine in the kiosk in front of the Occoquan lot.
    • Visitor parking is also available in the Tower Lot utilizing a Pay-by-Space machine located at the entrance.
    • The Pay-by-Space machines accept MasterCard and Visa.
    • Visitor rates are $2 for the first hour and $1 for each additional hour, with a $6 maximum for the day.
    • New for Fall 2019: One can use ParkMobile for visitor parking in the Occoquan, Discovery, and Tower lots. Sign up at <a or by downloading their mobile app.
  • Printable daily permits for the SciTech Campus may be purchased online or at the SciTech Parking Services office for $6/day.
  • For more information, go to


Arlington Campus Parking
One must work or be attending class at the Arlington Campus to be eligible to purchase an Arlington Campus parking permit.

    • Fairfax-SciTech Campus permits are not valid at the Arlington Campus without authorization from Parking Services.
  • Arlington Campus General permit parking is located in the Vernon Smith Hall Garage (formerly known as the Metropolitan Building garage, 3434 N. Washington Blvd).
    • Faculty/Staff and student parking is available on levels B3-P1 and on level B4 after 6 p.m.
    • There is no guarantee of space in the General permit parking area.
    • Please pay careful attention to signage as some spaces are designated for retail use only.
  • Reserved and visitor parking is available in the Van Metre (formerly Founders) Hall Garage, including discounted daytime only permits (valid 5 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and evening only permits (valid 2 p.m. to 2 a.m.).

    • Permit parking in the Van Metre Garage guarantees one a parking space.
  • For more information, go to

Construction Impacts

The Core Campus Project includes the demolition and replacement of Robinson Hall A, along with upgrades to campus utility infrastructure on the Fairfax Campus. Pedestrian and road impacts will occur across campus throughout the coming year.

  • It is strongly recommended to avoid Aquia Creek Lane when possible as construction traffic will use Aquia Creek Lane to access the construction zones.
  • Pedestrian areas near Southside Plaza and Wilkins Plaza will be fenced off as work begins to build the new plaza.
  • Rivanna River Way behind the HUB and Southside is one-way traffic for 2019-20 with limited access for disabled and service vehicle parking.
  • Lot T by Southside is closed for the upcoming year.
  • For more information, visit

To improve service to customers, Fairfax Water is replacing the water storage tank located on the Fairfax Campus. The Child Development Center (CDC) access road is closed to traffic. Construction vehicles may be staged on the roads between the CDC and Northeast Modules. Use caution when driving in this area.


Parking & Transportation Information

For more information on parking, shuttles, biking, and other transportation options, go to the Transportation website at

Email Parking & Transportation  at, for parking specific questions and for shuttle specific questions.

You can also follow Parking & Transportation on Twitter and Facebook at:, @MasonParking, and @MasonShuttles

Construction and traffic advisories are posted at